Controlled MSD to
SoftMax Content

MSD2SoftMax Controlled Converter is a solution that
provides transformation of MSD produced content into
SoftMax Pro supported file format. MSD2SoftMax is a
web-based solution that interface between secure
repositories (MSD output store and SoftMax folder)
hosted on the corporate NFS (Secure Share).

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Core Features

Any MSD Imager

A solution can work with
any MSD produced content output.

Easy Integration

Solution integrated with
any NFS storage.

Hosted Platform

Web console hosted on any Linux based server


Support biomarkers in single and multiplex formatted outputs.

Any SoftMax Revision

The solution works with any revision of SoftMax program, y formatting output into a supported format.

Easy Deployment

A solution can be deployed with the Domain Group Policy or through batch file automation.

Conversion Logs

Web console feature designed for Validation Teams to track conversions by comparison file hashes of source and destination files.

File Path/Name Management

Create converted files with the proper project name and store them automatically to the appropriate project repository for ease of management.


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Secure Storage Integration

Log Tracking
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Technical Specification

Linux, Apache 2.4
Domain Service Account w. NFS Storage

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